The secret of happiness

There are three mistakes we can make when it comes to planning our future happiness.

Some of us suffer from ‘DESTINATION DISEASE’, to quote the writer John Maxwell.  We look ahead and think:  when we reach THAT point in our lives, we’ll be happy.  It might be a trip, a new job, a new home, retirement.  But in fact, our happiest moments in life will be found all along the way, not at some point pre-determined by us.  That is a recipe for future disappointment!

Others of us suffer from SOMEBODY SICKNESS.  Are you looking for that certain somebody to make you happy?  Sure, ‘somebody’ may bring you occasional happiness, but it will not be permanent.  No other person can totally fulfil you – they have deep needs of their own.  You have to take responsibility for your own happiness in life.  The Bible urges us to ‘delight in the Lord’ – because He never fails us. 

Still others of us suffer from YESTERDAY BLUES.  We like to crown the past with a halo, and remember only the good times.  If your past was great, be thankful, but live – and be happy - where you are now – in the present!   The Psalms urge us to remember: “THIS is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad IN IT.” 

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